Frequently Asked Questions

A: Sprinkler pipes and backflow assemblies are at risk of freezing and breaking when temperatures drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Immediate damage can occur to exposed pipes and sprinkler apparatus with the first freeze of winter. Further damage can result as extended freezing temperatures and wind chill conditions cause the soil to freeze at the same depth as the underground pipes. In many cases, homeowners are not aware that their pipes have sustained damage until they begin watering in the spring and discover leaks in their yards! A sprinkler blow out is a wise investment to prevent costly damage and lost time in repairs.

A: Generally there is three types of water sources sprinklers systems are connected to; city (domestic), pressurized irrigation, or a well. City and well water are generally on all year around and pressurized irrigation systems generally have water flowing from approximately April 15th to October 15th. Regardless of what water source your home is connected to, you must have your water valve shut off going to your sprinkler system before it can be blown out. We will turn off your sprinkler water when we blow out your system and we can turn your water back on in the spring if needed. See our spring startup special on this website for more information about our spring startup service.

A: If your sprinkler system is connected to a domestic (city) water supply, you will have a backflow system. Backflow systems are mandated by the State of Idaho for protection on all sprinkler systems. They serve as a barrier to prevent contamination from entering the domestic water supply from the sprinkler system. Backflow assemblies (see diagram below) may be located above or below ground level and, like sprinkler pipes, must be properly winterized for protection from freezing and breaking. This is your most vulnerable part of your sprinkler system because generally the piping is above ground and exposed to the elements. If you have pressurized irrigation to water your lawn, you will not have a backflow system.

A: Your technician will first come to the front door to let you know they will be starting work on winterizing your sprinkler system. You do not have to be home for our technician to blow out your sprinkler system. Most shut off valves are located in the backyard, so he will need a clear path from either side of the house. If there are any dogs on the property, they will need to be put in their kennel or inside the house. The technician will also pull a large hose connected to his compressor that he will connect to your sprinkler system to complete the sprinkler blow out.

1. The technician will turn off your sprinkler water (valve usually located below ground) to prevent water from entering the system after he completes the blow out. This valve must stay shut until you are ready to turn your water back on in the spring. See our spring start up special on this website if you would like us to come and turn back on your sprinkler water. (If this valve is re-opened before spring (April 15th or later) your sprinkler blow out is no longer under warranty.)

2. Next the technician will manually open up your sprinkler valves at the valve boxes and then provide compressed air to blow out the water from your sprinkler pipes. The technician does not need access to your sprinkler control box in your garage. We ask that you turn your sprinkler controller to “off” or the “rain” setting until spring.

3. If your sprinkler system has a filter on it, the end cap is removed and water is blown out to prevent damage to the filter and filter assembly. If there is any boiler valves (spigot) connected to your sprinkler systems, we will open and ensure they are blown out also.

4. After all water is removed from your sprinkler system, filter, and spigots, all valves are closed and the filter and filter end cap is put back. Your sprinkler system in now winterized and ready to be turned back on in the spring. If the technician determines a valve or filter cap should remain open or removed to assist in evaporation, he will note it on his receipt. Be sure to replace the filter cap or close any open valves before you turn your water back on in the spring.

No. We open your sprinkler valves at the valve boxes located in your yard. On rare occasions if we cannot manually get the values to open properly at the valve box, we will ask if we can gain access to your control box and turn the valves on using the electronic controller.

A: No. The technician only needs access to your sprinkler water turn off valve and valve boxes. You are welcome to leave payment under the door mat or make payment on this website or over the phone. Payment must be received before any service is rendered.

A: No. Our air compressor has a governor on it that maintains even pressure of 60-80 PSI which is safe for all sprinkler system piping and fittings. If you have an existing crack in your piping or broken sprinkler head, the compressed air will force air out these openings. Your technician will make a note on your receipt and these will need to be repaired before turning back on your sprinkler system. We can come back in the spring and perform most repair work. Be sure to sign up for our spring startup special on our website.

A: Turn it to the “Off or “Rain” position.

A: No. Blowing out your sprinkler system will not protect the main water line from freezing. Fortunately, if you are a customer of United Water, they offer a low-cost protection plan to cover the cost of repair or replacement should homeowners experience a leak in their main line. This service is known as LeakGuard and is available to most Treasure Valley residents. Please inquire about the availability in your area by calling 362-7304 or visiting

A: Give us a call! We will gladly come to your home and turn back on your water, check and adjust all your sprinkler heads and perform any light maintenance that may need to be done. If there is extensive redesign or replacement work that is needed, we may refer you to another affiliated company. We guarantee our work if we performed the sprinkler blow out.

Yes! We provide volume discounts and would welcome your calls to provide service to your sub-division, Property Management or Lawn Care Business. (Residential service only) Please call 208-453-2022

No. We service the communities of Boise, Nampa, Caldwell, Meridian, Garden City, Middleton, Eagle, and Star.

Price is based on how many zones/stations you have on your property. A customized quote will be given when you click on the Order Today button and you fill out the form and hit submit. You are also welcome to call us at 208-453-2022 to receive a quote for service.

We gladly accept cash, check, credit or debit cards. You can either pay online at this website or you can pay the technician directly when he comes to perform service or you can leave payment at the front door. Payment must be received prior to any services being rendered. Please make your check out to: Sprinklers Blown Out